Fifa15 Futmillionaire Trading Center Free Login – Members Area Password ( posted on February 9th, 2015 )

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about this new trading program called FIFA Ultimate Team Autobuyer. I had never heard of it before, so I went and purchased a copy and this is my honest review of it.


First off, what is it?

The FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire Autobuyer is the new revolutionary trading automation application from the FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire brand, the guys who launched what is now the most popular FIFA ultimate team guide on the Internet.In short, the program trades for you according to the settings you input in it.You can see a Demo Video here This means that if you tell the program to buy Ronaldo for X price, the program will continually search for Ronaldo cards up to that X value for 24 hours over 24 hours until you turn the program off. If it finds any card up to that value, it will then relist the card for Y price.Of course if you are not new to Ultimate Team trading you will instantly understand the great value of adding such an application on your fingertips. The profit potential is of course incredible.

My results

When I first purchased the program I felt a little lost. It was only after reading that quick start guide provided in the package and the date of trial and error on my part that I started to come to terms with it and actually making some small profit.

After a week of practice I was well launched and I started making over 50,000 coins a day trading fitness cards and contract cards which the Autobuyer would get for me in the middle of the night and I was sleeping and relisted to sell during the platform heavy hours.

Since then, I have made over 200,000 coins in one day with the FIFA Ultimate Team Autobuyer.
I’m sure you I could make even more if I spent more time looking for suitable players to trade in the Autobuyer, because with the program you really need to stay off the obvious players, as you can probably imagine, everyone with a similar application will be trading the most popular players, so there’s a lot of competition for those and you need to avoid them. However there are hundreds of silver players that no one is trading so that makes perfect opportunities to use the program in.

The Autobuyer is not perfect but it does its job pretty well.
I wish I had more time to make even more money with it, but to be fair I’m obviously pretty happy with it, and it has allowed me to not only create my perfect team, but also to make some extra money selling coins on eBay.