Family Survival Course Review ( posted on July 11th, 2013 )

What is the Family Survival Course?

Family Survival Course, a downloadable ebook written by Jason Richards, discusses how people can protect their family during the upcoming political and economic crisis that the United States of America has to face.

What do you get?

After reviewing the entire Family Survival System I found out exactly why it’s the most popular disaster survival and preparedness product on the market. The beauty of it is not just the priceless information within the Family Survival System, but also the fact that it is a SYSTEM.

Normally when you buy a disaster preparedness and survival product you end up with some long boring 200 page book full of complex instructions. The Family Survival System is quite different. You get easy to follow instructions and checklists that give you everything you could need to ensure you and your family not only survives, but also thrives during a disaster.

My only criticism of the Family Survival System is that I would like to have seen more guidance on self-sustaining food sources, such as aquaponics. It’s very important to be able to grow your own food when the grocery stores stop running and that would be an excellent addition to the Family Survival System.

Overall I highly recommend you look at the system, it’s so popular for a reason!


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