Crisis Killer Review ( posted on July 14th, 2013 )

So the unveiling of  Crisis Killer  has generated huge buzz all around the world.Alot of skepticism arised too but the proof just cant be denied.. statements and bank accounts proof the claims.. and to silence the skeptics tom invites everyone aboard at virtually zero startup costs.

A few people had the chance to look at the code and the inner workings of the bot and described it as “groundbreaking” and “matingale but in a genious way”.

Fact is, risking 100,000 eur in forex takes some serious balls.. or you have to be crazy.In Thomas case I assume hes a little bit of both.. bold and crazy.

However hes going to double his money again this time live and for the world to see..Im probably going to do it with usd 1,000 as a test deposit.. after all after 2-3 months I can withdraw the base capital :)

The buzz however is enormous and I believe  either two things might happen..

A.) the website will be taken down as too many people download the bot and join the experiment to double their money for round 2 and 3

or b.) the price increases 10 fold as Thomas realizes hes sitting on a goldmine.. a forex robot with proof like this has never been done before after all.. so as soon as he realizes this human greed might take over and you’ll have to pay  10X or 20 X the price instead of this ridiculously low setup fee.

So while you still can go and grab your license. I did.Its almost free after all.

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